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Technology Courses

Digital Animation

Learn how to utilize composition and visual effects tools to allow you to create graphic animations for all media. From emote animation to motion graphics and typography, After Effects can do it all!

Web Development

Cover the principles of web development by reviewing the most important skills when working with HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Build websites and browser games. Finally power your web applications with React and Rails.

​Computer Science (Coding)

Computer Science (CS) is more than just coding. It is a way of thinking. A way to problem solve. Students who enroll in this course will learn the fundamentals of CS like abstraction, data structures and algorithms.

​Digital Art

Designed for new and learning artists, this beginner's digital art course stepping stone to more advanced techniques and helps solidify your fundamentals in art.

​Digital Design (UI/UX)

Students who enjoy design can learn the core skills needed to create user interfaces for machines and software. Learn about user-centered designs, prototyping, color theory and more as you create your digital portfolio!

​Game Development

Developing games can help improve a wide series of skills. And its loads of fun! Learn how to create assets, use engines and write code to make your games run. Students also cover concepts of software design.

Our technology courses are modeled on established education frameworks that develop foundational knowledge in computer science, design and technology. For students who love tech and hope to pursue a degree or career in the field, we are here to help! For those who are still deciding, explore our programs and we’re certain you will find something that you will enjoy learning!

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