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Quality Courses For Youth

Decoding problems. Foundation focused. Engaging courses.

We strive to provide high quality education and impart the
skills needed in a constantly changing world.

Technology Subjects

 MYR 550 MYR 580 5% OFF 

🕒 10 hours

💻 Python

🧩 Beginner - Intermediate


Python Programming (Level 1)

Age 12 - 14

 MYR 465 MYR 490 5% OFF 

🕒 10 hours

💻 Roblox

🧩 Beginner


Game Design with Roblox

Age 9 - 11

 MYR 420 

🕒 10 hours

💻 Minecraft Education

🧩 Beginner


STEM Adventures with Minecraft

Age 7 - 8

Popular Courses

Why Choose Us?

Industry Experts Meet Educators


Our team brings together technology experts and elite educators from across the globe. Tech-savvy and passionate, our instructors are well equipped to teach and inspire the next generation of creators.

Fundamentals Focused + Fun

We focus on building a strong foundation for your future learning & career. We obsess on the fundamentals through a fun-filled learning experience. Once you’ve mastered the fundamentals we dive deep!

Achieve International Certification

Seize the opportunity to take part in international examinations and competitions. Enjoy the guidance of our instructors as you attain academically relevant achievements and build personal projects that will enhance to your portfolio!

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