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Frequently Asked Questions

Are EZA Technology courses appropriate for all skill levels?

Yes, there are courses for all ages and all levels! From complete beginners looking to get started, to more veteran learners looking to polish their skills, we have comprehensive courses for everyone.

What is the difference between the holiday bootcamps and regular courses?  

The summer bootcamps are a perfect way for students to gain exposure to various fields of technology. Bootcamps are great to ignite curiosity, so try as many programs you are able to during this time!

Once you have figured out what you truly enjoy, transition into a regular program, where your learning will be even more rigorous and far-reaching.

How do I know which technology course is appropriate for me?

Each technology course is further categorized by topic (for example Computer Science, Game Development), suitable age of learning, difficulty, and time needed for each course. The categories have been carefully assigned so that it will match your needs perfectly and help you find a course you’ll love.

Which programming language is ‘best’ for me to learn?

As you might have realized, there are so many programming languages in the world. C++, C#, Go, Java, JavaScript, PHP, Python, Ruby and the list goes on and on!
We believe there is no ‘best’ language as each language excels in different areas.

C++ is excellent for building fast, scalable systems that involve a lot of processing. Python is often used for automation and machine learning. JavaScript is essential for building web apps. C# is the go to for game developers.
Would you be able to build a game using JavaScript? or an app with Python then? Absolutely! These languages are basically tools and we can use different tools to solve the same problem.

TL;DR: It depends on what you want to do! But we feel with a solid foundation you can quickly and eventually pick up other languages.

Which programming languages/tools does EZA teach?

While not as important as the actual problem-solving, critical thinking and design skills that we aim to instill, our core tools (beside visual block-based) are currently:

Python for Computer Science and Data Science,
HTML/CSS/JavaScript/Ruby for Web Development,
Lua and C# for Game Development.
Figma for UI/UX.

Feel free to speak to us on our rationale!

When does the course start and finish?

Each course has a different start and finish date, as difference courses may require different hours to complete. Remember to mark the start and finish date so you won’t forget!

What preparation do I need before each class?

Please check the course requirements before starting each class. You may be required to download certain software for learning. If you are struggling, no worries. Please contact us and we will happily assist you in setting up!

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