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An elite group of professionals, educators and life-long learners.

Brought to you by a team from

Team from King's College London supporting our programmes
Team from University of Hong Kong supporting our programmes
Team from SCAD University our programmes
Team from Stanford University supporting our programmes
Team from UCL supporting our programmes

High-Quality Education &
Future Ready Skills.
Made More Accessible.

We strive to provide high quality education and impart the skills needed in a technology driven world.
Courses are delivered with the passion needed to inspire and bring out the best in each student.
Curricula are designed to impart core fundamentals - enabling learners to pursue a future in the STEM field.


Our coding and technology courses are fun and challenging while our academic tutoring courses
are highly focused, engaging and helps students secure their target grades.
We are supported by a team of educators and technologists with extensive experience in the field. 

We aim to be the leading education platform, for both technology and academic learning in the region -
trusted by students, parents and teachers. 


The Mission :

To enhance our future generation’s problem solving, computational thinking and technology skills.


What is Our Vision?

Our Learning Philosophy

Fundamentals First. Then Dive Deep.

When something is taught the “right” way, that knowledge can always be built upon and is never be wasted. This requires careful planning, focus and a consistent commitment to our students learning. Cut through the noise and focus on the fundamentals.

Happy Learner + Hard Worker = SUCCESS!

Learning new things is hardly ever easy. Especially for concepts that are abstract and uncommon. Hard work needs to come from both mentors and students; when both are happy and motivated we get amazing results!

Teaching Is a HUGE Responsibility.

In our pursuit for high quality education we aim to gather the very best talents who do more than just “teach”. Teachers make or break a young person’s interest for learning. As such, our team strives to be mentors, motivators and role models for our students.

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