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High Quality Programs

Why Choose Us?

Technology has made digital skills imperative to society. Machine Learning, the Internet-Of-Things and Artificial Intelligence are all examples of how technology is reshaping our world. Future-ready skills are now essential for the current and future generation to thrive. At EZA, we understand the importance of engaging lessons that help build a solid foundation for the future. We strive to make high quality technology and academic education more accessible for all.

What You'll Learn

Why Our Programs?

Skills That Go Beyond Tech

Acquire problem solving skills and a mindset that can be applied in all fields.

Personalized Learning

Enjoy courses that feel customized just for you with our small class sizes or 1-to-1 learning.

Take-Home Personal Projects

Courses focus on key projects that you will create and add to your portfolio!

Fundamentals Focused

Build a solid foundation that will be useful for your future learning & career.

International Recognition

Open doors to take part in international examinations and competitions.

Elite Instructors

Learn from instructors that are well qualified and passionate to help you.

Teens & Kids Coding with laptops - coding class for ages 7-18.

Our team invests heavily on cultivating the best teaching experiences and learning outcomes for our students. This is only made possible through extensive refinement and emphasis on our teaching pedagogy and approaches to learning. 

Explore our pedagogy

Critical Thinkers utilize logical skills to analyze information gathered from observation, reflection, reasoning or communication as a basis for decision making.

Critical Thinking

Good problem solvers use a combination of intuition and logic to come up with their solutions. Leveraging certain tools also facilitate the problem solving process.

Innovative Problem Solving

Digital natives understand how to use various software, tools and applications. They also evaluate online resources for accuracy and trustworthiness of information.

Digital Literacy

Design thinking refers to the cognitive, strategic and practical processes by which design concepts are developed.

Design Thinking

Proprietary Learning Platform

Our company has developed it's own online proprietary learning platform which our students will have access to. Our learning portal features the very best set of educational resource and engaging content that can help students best achieve their learning goals with us.

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