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Coding From Scratch

Students create games, animations and digital art, learn basic coding and take their first steps as digital creators.

Course Content

This Course Is For:

- Students interested in how to code!
- Those interested in making digital content!
- Young creative talents!

What You'll Cover:

- A minimum of 2 complete projects - including an animated story and game
- Main Code Blocks e.g. Motion, Looks, Control, Events
- Creating your own sprites with pixel tools

Other Perks:

- Meet other creative students!
- Supplementary resources for continuous learning!


The Answers You Need

Class sizes typically range between 4-8 students. There is a minimum number of 3 students needed for group classes and holiday boot camps

How big is the class size? Is there a minimum class size?

Payments can be made by online/ATM bank transfer. Details can be found in our enrollment acknowledgement email.

What are the payment options?

Online classes will be held via a private Google Meets link that will be shared with participants before the start of the course.

How are Online classes conducted?

Please ensure that all necessary software (if any) are installed on your computer before the start of each course. Instructions will be sent via e-mail informing students on what they will need to do before the course begins. 

What do I need to prepare before the class?

Our Day Camps are designed to connect with our Regular Courses, allowing you to carry on with your learning on the same topic. Alternatively you may choose to dive into something new and exciting.

What’s next after Holiday Camps?

5 days, 10 hours lesson time
(In-Centre AND Online Options Available  )

MYR 399

Suitable for children aged 7-8

💡Ages 7-8

Prerequisites: None

🧩 For Beginners

5 days

⏰ Course Length : 10 hours


Begin your technology journey with an engaging course that introduces students to the basics of coding and computational thinking! Students will use Scratch, a drag-and-drop learning environment developed by MIT Media Lab to create their own animations and games. Experience the creative process of building carefully selected projects that help your develop core computational thinking skills!

  • Make programs with visual code

  • Understand basic programming

  • Interpret sequencing tasks

  • Identify bugs in program

  • Understand variables

  • Introduction to basic geometry

  • A certificate of completion

  • Your very own published projects and animated story

  • A mastery of the core tools in Scratch!

  • Access to our learning resources

  • SWAG - EZA goodies






Course Registration Fee


10 Hours

5 days

1MK, Online


MYR 420

5% OFF!

MYR 399

Learn technology by making it!

Jump into a fun combination of problem solving and play based learning!

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